Hyoyeon and DongHae Moments


another HyoHae Moments..

Hope you'll love this vid..

I don't own this vid..

so let's just enjoy viewing it..

HyoHae Fighting.!!!

There's so many HyoHae moments this 2012..

Love this couple so much..:)


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super_generation_fan #1
Hyohae♥♥♥♥ ;-)
littlehyo #2
owh~~~ they are sooo cute :))
yooamie #3
Aww, so cute x3 HyoHae hwaiting! :D
Dumb_Angel5 #4
That was so cute <3 omg I feel like writing a HyoHyukHae fix cause of the last clip :')
fanficholic #5
ahhh :) I like it ~ hyphae forever !!!