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Light Up The Darkness

Leo has fallen in love while hiding a dark secret. Will he be able to stop it from coming to the surface?

Pierced Heart

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Get to know me

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I Love You

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☇ HOGWARTS ” ☰ GRYFFINDOR'S 정대환 [ legit wip idk what thi sme ss is ]

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Actress Han Go Eun speaks up to defend Siwon's dog + goes under fire for keeping her own dogs off leash

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CCTV of Siwon's family dog's biting incident released shows situation was different from explanation

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Siwon's family accused of walking Bugsy off leash again after the problematic bite

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Recommend Me Anything

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please help me

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SHINee's Taemin wishes he could do this with his fans

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Key, Wendy, Yerin, and more featured for the 5th lineup for 'Master Key'!

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Enchantress [Min Jakyung] Interactions [Enchanted to Meet You]

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101 questions to ask people (because 100 wasn’t edgy enough)

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About Me

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I Bias Soloists; I stan Soloists [Image Heavy]

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