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An announcement: don't be sad~

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Vellichor Bookstore

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Elyxion in Manila!!!

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L A V A ◠ Graphics ◡ aka the Bombest shop!

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Please help.

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Koichi leaves Bullet Train (Choutokkyuu)

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To burn it like cedar, I request another dream.

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⚖ 랑크스 // composer, doku (WIP)

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BoA reveals she's getting IV drips to survive her busy comeback preparation

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Enormous crowd of fans welcome EXO to Dubai

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#EXOPowerDubai trends worldwide

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about my hiatus

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You Did Your Best: Jonghyun Birthday Tribute Album

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Breathe- Lee Hi CLOSED Collab :Jonghyun tribute 1

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Red Velvet's Irene spotted shivering on the set of 'Idol Star Athletics Championships'

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Two (2) Full Screen Layouts (Previously Used By Infinite Possibilities) For Sale!

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New Story Idea!! NEED HELP.

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BoA x Siedah Garrett start with the 'Man in the Mirror' for 'SM Station'

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